Traveling with Animals


Boarding Your Pets

For most of our local boarding facilities, the only requirement is updated vaccinations for pets. 

The most common vaccine requirements are:



If you anticipate boarding your pet, it is easier to collect proof of vaccination at the time your pet receives the vaccines. If your pet has had updated vaccines with us, you can call us at any time and we can email records of your pet’s vaccinations to your boarding facility of choice. Please allow us 48 hours notice. 

Airplane Travel for Pets (Domestic Travel)

Requirements for airplane travel vary by airline. Please check with your specific airline for their requirement list. Many airlines require forms that must be filled out by a veterinarian. 

Common airline requirements include: Proof of Rabies Vaccine (>12 weeks), Airline specific form, Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (<10 days from departure).

This paperwork is required by most airlines, even if your pet is a registered ESA or service animal. 

For dogs and cats, traveling in an airplane can be incredibly stressful. If you are concerned about your pet being afraid on the airplane, please mention this to our veterinary staff. They can help draft a plan and prescribe medications that can help your pet stay calm during their flight. 

Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI)

CVIs are official papers filled out by USDA accredited veterinarians for the travel of all animals. These forms are endorsed by the USDA to declare that the animals in question are free from contagious disease. 

Examples of animals that may need a CVI:

  • Pets getting on airplanes
  • Livestock going to the fair
  • Animals crossing state lines
  • International Travel

All of our veterinarians at Drummond Animal Hospital are USDA accredited for all species. CVIs are usually good from 10-30 days of being filled out. 

If you are having our veterinary team fill our a CVI for your animals, please bring the following:

  • All animals the CVI is being filled for
  • The official registered name/number of the animals
  • The owners address and phone number
  • The name, address, and phone number of the destination

Failure to do these things will result in our staff being unable to fill out a CVI. 

Animals demonstrating signs of contagious disease (coughing, sneezing, fever, lethargy, etc) will not be issued a CVI. 

Coggins Testing

A Coggins test is a blood test for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). EIA is a mosquito transmitted infection of horses causing chronic fevers, weight loss, and disorientation. Other horses experience sudden death. EIA has largely been eradicated in most parts of the country thanks to Coggins testing. A negative Coggins is required for ALL interstate movement of horses, horse shows, and horses traveling to fairs. 

If you are scheduling an appointment for a Coggins Test, please provide the following to our veterinary staff:

  • Owner name, address, phone number
  • Stable name, address, phone number
  • Horse name, barn name, breed registration number, breed, sex, color, age, permanent identification (microchip, tattoo)

Our coggins testing is performed in California. All horse blood samples we take have to be carefully packaged and mailed for the journey. The process of collecting, mailing, running, and receiving the results of the Coggins testing can take several days. Please plan accordingly.

Coggins tests are valid for one year after they are issued. 

Traveling Outside of the Country

Whether you are an active duty military member looking to take your dog with you to your next base or if you are shipping livestock to Canada, travel outside of the United States can be difficult for animals. 

ALL forms for animals traveling internationally must be approved by the Pennsylvania State Veterinarian. This process can take up to 6 months and can cost hundreds of dollars. Please plan ahead.

Requirements: The requirements of international travel for animals is determined by the destination country. Requirements vary by country. Many countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa require additional diagnostic testing that can cost several hundred dollars. Please plan ahead. 

At Drummond Animal Hospital, we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our USDA accredited veterinarians approximately 6 months in advance of your planned departure date for international travel. Subsequent follow-ups for vaccinations, diagnostic testing, and additional forms will be scheduled accordingly. 

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