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Once an ice cream shop, our building has been renovated to become a fully equipped animal hospital. Our hospital is “bigger on the inside” and contains 5 examination rooms, 2 surgery suites, and 4 kenneling areas. Our facilities also boast a treatment/laboratory area, an x-ray room, a comfort room, and a side door for easy prescription pick up or surgical patient drop off. 

Our kenneling areas are spread out throughout the building to aid in the reduction of stress levels in the hospitalized pets that stay with us. The cats are kept separate from the dogs in a quiet area, and dogs that may be extremely vocal are able to be in a separate area from dogs that prefer the quiet. Additionally, we have isolation kennels for dog and cat patients that are suspected or confirmed to have any contagious disease, so as not to expose other patients.

Our location is conveniently off of Route 66, in between New Bethlehem and Clarion. Our large wrap-around parking lot makes hauling in large animals simple. 

We are constantly improving our building, keeping our equipment up to date, and changing our interior design and layout. 

Also, when you’re here, be sure to say hello to Jerry and Gray Kitty, our resident cats! They both love attention!


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1417 State Route 66, New Bethlehem, PA 16242

Office Hours

Appointment Only. Please pickup Medications and Surgical Patients at the Side Door.


8 am to 5 pm


8 am to 5 pm


8 am to 5 pm


8 am to 5 pm


8 am to 5 pm


8 am to NOON