End of Life Services

Compassion, Love and Guidance

The word “euthanasia” means good death.  This can be one of the hardest decisions a pet owner has to make during the life of their pet but it can also be a decision of compassion and love.  Your beloved pet can have a  peaceful end to the state of distress that he/she may be experiencing.  It is a decision that you, as the pet owner, does not have to make alone.  There are multiple factors that must be considered when making the decision of euthanasia and we are here to help guide and support you through this difficult time.  One tool that can be utilized is a quality of life scale.  An example of these is the HHHHHMM scale which helps to describe your beloved pets quality of life through a number.  Through it all, we desire to help prevent and alleviate suffering for your pet who is also a part of your family.  We offer euthanasia services at our office and at home.


  • A discussion with you about your beloved pet and about the process

  • Mild sedation to help ease any discomfort/anxiety your pet may be feeling

  • Euthanasia

  • Memorial keepsakes

    • Clay paw print

    • Lock of fur, if desired 

  • Transportation for cremation, if elected

                                                                       AT HOME EUTHANASIA 

Once you call and schedule an appointment with the veterinarian, we will arrive at your home and discuss any concerns and questions that you may have.  Once you and your pet are ready, the veterinarian will administer a sedative to help relax and relieve anxiety.  Your pet will be in a deeply relaxed state and unaware of their surroundings. Once your pet is relaxed, the veterinarian will administer a second injection that will allow your pet to pass on.  Having the euthanasia performed in the comfort of your home can help lessen the burden during this difficult time.  If you are choosing cremation services, the veterinarian can make arrangements to transport your pet to our facility.  We will then call your when your pets ashes are ready to come home. 

                                                            OFFICE EUTHANASIA

Euthanasia that is  performed at the office are performed in the same manner as if it were done in your own home.  Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee it will be as quiet as it would be at your home, due to the patients we have in our office and phones ringing.  We do however, try to keep the distractions at a minimum and try to schedule the appointments at our less busy times. 


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Office Hours

Pick up medication at the side door during our hours of operation. Please call to make an appointment for your pet to be seen.


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