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End of Life Services

The word “euthanasia” is not ending the life of the pet, but is ending its death and its pain and suffering.  There are many factors that come into deciding if euthanasia is the right decision.  The animals quality of life starts to diminish, they aren't playful as they used to be, they are sleeping more than usual, their appetite has diminished.  There are many factors that come with making this hard decision, as our pets are not with us as long as we would like, but are just as much family as they possibly can be.  Timing, as difficult as it seems, is very important.  Some situations, where if you wait to long to say goodbye, it becomes an emergency, stress filled, and suffering for your pet.  Choosing to help your pet pass on, when doing so sooner than later, can be much calmer and less painful for the pet.  Making the decision as to when to euthanize is about preventing suffering from occurring before it begins. 


  • A discussion with you about your concerns, thoughts, or questions surrounding euthanasia. 

  • Mild sedation to help ease any discomfort

  • Euthanasia, the final gift. 

  • Memorial keepsakes

    • Clay paw print

    • Lock of fur, if desired 

  • Transportation for cremation, if elected


Once you call and schedule an appointment with the veterinarian, we will arrive at your home, discuss any questions that you may have that will help with any concerns.  Once you are ready, the veterinarian will give a mild sedation, similar to what would be administered during surgery.  This relaxes the patient to the extent that they will not know what is going on around them and are in a state of sleep.   The veterinarian will then give the euthanasia, and will confirm that your pet has passed. This is usually a very peaceful process.   You will then be able to take as long as you need to say goodbye.  If you are choosing cremation services, the veterinarian will then transport your pet to our vehicle where we will take them to our cremation facility.  We will then call your when your pets ashes are ready for pick-up. 

                                                                            OFFICE EUTHANASIA

Euthanasia's performed at the office are performed in the same manner as if it were done in your own home.  Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee it will be as quiet as it would be at your home, due to the patients we have in hours and phones ringing.  We do however, try to keep the distractions at a minimum.   We, however, try to schedule the appointments at our less busy times. 

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